A Message from the chair...
Post festival day is always a lovely time for us. It's a time to reflect on the day we gave you, the community, Durrington.
We want to thank everyone who attended the day yesterday and we really hope you enjoyed yourself.
We've supported local groups, organisations and charities, promote and raise money, This year we are pleased with Durrington High School Rock Challenge, who is raising money to send students to the national Final rock challenge dance competition, they are not completely there yet, and you will find them in some supermarkets in the local area offering to pack your bags, take this opportunity and give generously.
We now come on to the team and the volunteers that made this year possible, without this, Durrington wouldn't have the great annual community day. As a team we are extremely thankful of the support you gave, We thank with great pleasure the field marshalls:
Joanna McCaffery
Luke Newstead
Megan Arnold
Aimee Arnold
Amy Gates
Chris Elves
Emma Lawrence
Sarah Acklan
Sophie Acklan
Alison Braisby
These guys check the field ensuring everyone's safety is paramount, without these we would not have sufficient support to run this event, we thank you incredibly.
And to our Carnival Road Close Team:
Luke Newstead
Steve Clements
Sarah Acklan
Chris Elves
Megan Arnold
Katrina Webb
Julie Arnold
Amy Gates
Emma Lawrence
Karen Puglia Hedger
Tiffany Charman
Leading the Carnival in an emergency vehicle: Chris from BMTS.
Without this team we wouldn't be able to close our roads for a safe carnival, we really appreciate your support.
Lastly I would like to thank the team that makes this day possible:
Sharon Clements
Laura Bloxham
Jamie Frampton
Micheala Shepherd
Tracy Bloxham
Kate Lambert
Thank you to Colin Pryce for presenting the festival.
And our most important thank you goes to Jason Clement & Dave Paine, for erecting our control point as every year, we would be super lost without you.
We also look forward to welcoming new committee members next year! Welcome to the Festival committee I call Family.
Thank you for making this a brilliant day - and we cannot wait to see you all again next year.
Jack Clements
Chair Person


A Warm Welcome From The Durrington Festival Team


The Durrington Festival has been promoting the community of Durrington since 1992. The purposes of the Festival are still the same today, and can be summarised as follows:


• To promote the community of Durrington and all that is good about living and working in Durrington.

• To give people, groups, organisations and businesses from Durrington an opportunity to go out into the community and promote and raise awareness of what they do

• To bring the community together in a common celebration

• To give people the opportunity to meet with others and make new friends.


The Festival consists of a week of events giving groups, organisations, businesses and the like the opportunity to promote themselves and what they do. In many cases these can be events which take place all through the year. But Festival Week gives the opportunity for any events to be publicised to a wider audience, hopefully giving people the incentive to get involved in what is going on within and around their community.


Within this website you can find the following forms:

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On the 'Forms' Page you can find:

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On the Royalty Page your can find:

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