A Message from the team,

So the 2017 festival has now come to an end. A massive thank you to everyone who has supported this festival, it wouldn't happen without that! Please take this time to read this.
The donations given are highly appreciated, and without these donations from Durrington Residents this day would not happen, It's not to late you can still donate!
More Radio - Paul & Neil, Your support to the festival through More Radio, cannot be appreciated enough! You truly make it worth while! Its a pleasure having you on the field.
Rabbit Group - We thank you for the continued support for The festival! The skips and Wheelie Bins, are such a huge importance on the festival in order to keep a 'Green' Area.
Tullett Plant and Commercial Services - Without you it would be impossible to transport everything needed to ensure this day runs smoothly! Thank you for your continued support.
Now, below is a list of people that really stands out from the crowd.
Denise Gumbrell
Kim Brand
Katrina Webb
Joanna McCaffrey
Amy Winterford
Amy Gates
Jamie Clement
Jordan Clement
Steve Sartin
Ameila Webb
George Webb
These people today made your festival, without these people their would not have been road closures, plot runners or general bodies to marshall the event.
As a committee, we thank you!
Now, there is 2 people that us as a committee would like to thank personally.
Jason Clement & David Paine (Becky Paine)
For a continued amount of years you have always given up your morning to support the Durrington Festival in the marquee set up, Without you this wouldn't be possible. Your involvement in the Durrington Festival is appreciated immensely and we cannot thank you enough!
Here is to 2018!
Thank you 


A Warm Welcome From The Durrington Festival Team


The Durrington Festival has been promoting the community of Durrington since 1992. The purposes of the Festival are still the same today, and can be summarised as follows:


• To promote the community of Durrington and all that is good about living and working in Durrington.

• To give individuals, groups, organisations and businesses from Durrington an opportunity to go out into the community and promote and raise awareness of what they do

• To bring the community together in a common celebration

• To give people the opportunity to meet with others and make new friends.


The Festival consists of a week of events giving groups, organisations, businesses and the like the opportunity to promote themselves and what they do. In many cases these can be events which take place all through the year. But Festival Week gives the opportunity for any events to be publicised to a wider audience, hopefully giving people the incentive to get involved in what is going on within and around their community.


Within this website you can find the following forms:

Reserving a pitch - Festival Day Page


On the 'Forms' Page you can find:

Carnival Entry

Week events

Arena Events


On the Royalty Page your can find:

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