Sponsoring The Durrington Festival

The Durrington Festival Committee take 10 months out of their free time to plan for such a big and excellent event for the community of Durrington.


As always the festival will be an opportunity for all local businesses, schools, organisations, churches and groups, to come together and promote themselves, sharing all that goes on and is good within our Community. As you will appreciate the funding of the Festival is always affected by spiralling costs, it costs £3,000 each year to run Durrington’s Big Day and it is only through the help of our sponsor’s and local businesses, that we can make the Festival happen every year. This is done by getting involved with the Festival through sponsorship.

As a key local business, we would like to invite you to be part of the success of this event by becoming a Platinum Sponsor.  A sponsor can be for a specific part of the festival e.g. towards First Aid cover, the firework display, marshalling of the event, banners, posters or just general donation or sponsorship to the festival.  

Fireworks for the durrington festival alone cost £3,000. This is seperate to the fundimental costs of the 'set-up' event. 

Platinum Sponsor

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